Interpro® is a global Professional Services Corporation, specializing in consulting and education.

Interpro® consultants, InterProfessionals, are management consultants and business experts who operate in nearly every corner of the world and across many industries. They are distinguished by specialized skill in guiding organizations to realize benefits and implement change through high performance in program and project management. Applying experience and creativity, InterProfessionals help clients develop and implement strategies to improve operations, and excel in projects.

Established in 1992 by a team of internationally recognized industry leaders, our company has thrived in the rich business environment of Silicon Valley in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. From this West Coast vantage, Interpro® is uniquely positioned to work with a wide variety of clients around the globe, providing business services ranging from management process design and implementation, to executive coaching.

InterProfessionals are truly experts in their fields, and represent backgrounds covering all facets of management, operations, and finance. Our firm has worked in the development of business strategy, project management and control methodology, business process improvement, design and marketing, event and program development and management, emergency response and resiliency planning, development and deployment of software, manufacturing process streamlining, biotechnology research management, financial control processes, technology and knowledge transfer, mediation and arbitration of complex contractual disputes, and more. Our team is multilingual, and our firm has extensive international experience servicing clients across the globe, including in Europe, Asia and throughout North America..