Operations Optimization

  • Organizational architecture review and restructure.
  • Resolve specific issues in or consult on process improvements for production, engineering, operations, supply chain, and similar management concerns.
  • We employ operational observation, industry-relevant research and experience-based assessments to identify deficiencies and recommend improvements for enhancements within and across departments.
  • Processes mapping analyses and implementation of process smoothing are just some of the recommendations we can make to improve client operational performance.
  • For organizations with multiple projects, we work with cross-functional leadership to create, implement, and utilize project methodologies so that processes are standardized and can be implemented repeatedly.

“Engineers love to optimize problems. Now I optimize logistical problems. I ask: ‘What’s the goal? What are our constraints? What is the optimal, elegant way to get to that goal within those constraints?’ I break it down in terms of a data funnel: ‘Where in the funnel are we inefficient?’ That analytical background really helps.”~ Ruchi Sanghvi