The Interpro Interview: An introduction has been a leader in the consulting field, specializing in Project, Program, and Knowledge Management, for more than 25 years. We’ve come across some fascinating concepts as we addressed projects large and small, and have worked with truly inspiring subject-matter experts to implement plans and solutions for our clients. Every time we work with a new client or project we explore different possibilities and outcomes, and each person brings a unique perspective to the table adding to our collective experience and knowledge base. This is why we do what we do: To share our knowledge, and to learn from others.

Our corporate culture has always maintained a commitment to life-long learning. This has empowered our consultants and partners, as well as our clients, to excel as we build on both practical theory and applied experience. In addition to our work with corporate clients around the globe, our team regularly passes on their knowledge as educators, clinicians, public speakers and trainers. Our consultants actively teach courses at institutions like University of California Berkeley, University of San Francisco, and John F. Kennedy University, and now through our blog we offer fresh insights to our readers.

The Interpro Interview is designed to be a place for consultants and industry leaders to share experiences, and for anyone interested in the field to learn more about how to benefit from – and maximize the value of – working with a consultant. We will seek to capture bite-sized nuggets of wisdom in our posts, sharing with you tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years. And, tapping our deep network of executives, entrepreneurs, educators, and industry influencers, we will ask questions and gather insights… and let you “listen in” to learn from their stories.

In addition to our own set of content, we will welcome relevant guest posts from industry leaders, and comments as well as topic requests from our regular readers. Our hope is to build an online community of business leaders committed to excellence, integrity, and the sharing of knowledge.

Welcome to the discussion!

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